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Electric Motors for size reduction applications


Our Advanced Design Rock Crusher Motor offers thoughtful features designed to maximize durability and product longevity. We use FC200 density cast iron for the motor, roller bearings on the drive-in for belt applications, and a circlip on the opposite drive-in of the motor that allows the motor to be used for vertical shaft applications, such as VSI crushers. In large horsepower motors, we use 4140 steel shafts. We also radius cut those shafts to make them stronger than standard cuts. These motors come in stock through 600 horsepower (compared to an average of 150-500 horsepower at 1200 rpm). Unlike many other manufacturers, we stock 900 rpm motors for users with crushers that run at lower speeds. Motor slide bases are available to help adjust mounting positions.

Our size reduction motors aren’t limited to crushing rocks. The diversity of our products also aid in several other size reduction applications: cement, pulp & paper, the wood industry, and even food industries for the rolling out of items like pasta on large roll mills.


WorldWide Electric offers a complete line of gear reducers ideal for the rigors and stresses of the Agricultural Industry. Our diverse lines include Shaft Mount Reducers, Right Angle Cast Iron and Aluminum Reducers, Helical Bevel Reducers, Stainless Steel Reducers, and more.

Variable Frequency Drives

Available through 500 horsepower, our variable frequency drive packages are often used on crushing or feeder applications.  They are complete, packaged drives (part of the heavy duty series of our closed drive packages) that allows for variable speed changes for rock crushers, feeders or conveyors.

Shaft Mount Reducers

Dimensionally equivalent to popular brand name gear reducers, WorldWide shaft mount speed reducers are commonly utilized as a better value drop-in for conveying applications. The rugged Ultimate Shaft Mount Reducer Series even carries a 3 year warranty.

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