• General Duty, 240V and Heavy Duty, 600V available
  • Highly visible easy grip handle
  • Visible blade construction
  • Door opens greater than 180°
  • Quick-make, quick-break mechanism
  • 200% optional neutrals (200-600 Amps)
  • Positive two and three point mounting
  • Padlock style cover latch and handle
  • Generous wiring gutter
  • Front removable lugs easily convert to copper body or compression type
  • Lugs suitable for copper or aluminium at 60°C or 75°C
  • Replacement parts available


Model NumberVoltageAmp RatingEnclosure Type
GF221NAGF221NA24030NEMA 1 Indoor
GF221NRAGF221NRA24030NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF222NAGF222NA24060NEMA 1 Indoor
GF222NRAGF222NRA24060NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF223NGF223N240100NEMA 1 Indoor
GF223NRGF223NR240100NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF224NGF224N240200NEMA 1 Indoor
GF224NRGF224NR240200NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF225NAGF225NA240400NEMA 1 Indoor
GF225NRAGF225NRA240400NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF226NAGF226NA240600NEMA 1 Indoor
GF321NAGF321NA24030NEMA 1 Indoor
GF321NRAGF321NRA24030NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF322NAGF322NA24060NEMA 1 Indoor
GF322NRAGF322NRA24060NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF323NGF323N240100NEMA 1 Indoor
GF323NRGF323NR240100NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF324NGF324N240200NEMA 1 Indoor
GF324NRGF324NR240200NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF325NAGF325NA240400NEMA 1 Indoor
GF325NRAGF325NRA240400NEMA 3R Outdoor
GF326NAGF326NA240600NEMA 1 Indoor
GF326NRAGF326NRA240600NEMA 3R Outdoor
GNF321AGNF321A24030NEMA 1 Indoor
GNF321RAGNF321RA24030NEMA 3R Outdoor
GNF322AGNF322A24060NEMA 1 Indoor
GNF322RAGNF322RA24060NEMA 3R Outdoor
GNF323GNF323240100NEMA 1 Indoor
GNF323RGNF323R240100NEMA 3R Outdoor
GNF324GNF324240200NEMA 1 Indoor
GNF324RGNF324R240200NEMA 3R Outdoor
GNF325AGNF325A240400NEMA 1 Indoor
GNF326AGNF326A240600NEMA 1 Indoor
GR226NRAGR226NRA240600NEMA 3R Outdoor
HF361HF36160030NEMA 1 Indoor
HF361JHF361J60030NEMA 12 Industrial
HF361RHF361R60030NEMA 3R Outdoor
HF362HF36260060NEMA 1 Indoor
HF362JHF362J60060NEMA 12 Industrial
HF362RHF362R60060NEMA 3R Outdoor
HF363HF363600100NEMA 1 Indoor
HF363JHF363J600100NEMA 12 Industrial
HF363RHF363R600100NEMA 3R Outdoor
HF364HF364600200NEMA 1 Indoor
HF364JHF364J600200NEMA 12 Industrial
HF364RHF364R600200NEMA 3R Outdoor
HF365AHF365A600400NEMA 1 Indoor
HF365JAHF365JA600400NEMA 12 Industrial
HF365RAHF365RA600400NEMA 3R Outdoor
HF366AHF366A600600NEMA 1 Indoor
HF366JAHF366JA600600NEMA 12 Industrial
HF366RAHF366RA600600NEMA 3R Outdoor
HF367HF367600800NEMA 1 Indoor
HF367JHF367J600800NEMA 12 Industrial
HF367RHF367R600800NEMA 3R Outdoor
HF368HF3686001200NEMA 1 Indoor
HF368JHF368J6001200NEMA 12 Industrial
HF368RHF368R6001200NEMA 3R Outdoor
HNF361HNF36160030NEMA 1 Indoor
HNF361JHNF361J60030NEMA 12 Industrial
HNF361RHNF361R60030NEMA 3R Outdoor
HNF362HNF36260060NEMA 1 Indoor
HNF362JHNF362J60060NEMA 12 Industrial
HNF362RHNF362R60060NEMA 3R Outdoor
HNF363HNF363600100NEMA 1 Indoor
HNF363JHNF363J600100NEMA 12 Industrial
HNF363RHNF363R600100NEMA 3R Outdoor
HNF364HNF364600200NEMA 1 Indoor
HNF364JHNF364J600200NEMA 12 Industrial
HNF364RHNF364R600200NEMA 3R Outdoor
HNF365AHNF365A600400NEMA 1 Indoor
HNF365JAHNF365JA600400NEMA 12 Industrial
HNF365RAHNF365RA600400NEMA 3R Outdoor
HNF366AHNF366A600600NEMA 1 Indoor
HNF366JAHNF366JA600600NEMA 12 Industrial
HNF366RAHNF366RA600600NEMA 3R Outdoor
HNF367HNF367600800NEMA 1 Indoor
HNF367JHNF367J600800NEMA 12 Industrial
HNF367RHNF367R600800NEMA 3R Outdoor
HNF368HNF3686001200NEMA 1 Indoor
HNF368JHNF368J6001200NEMA 12 Industrial
HNF368RHNF368R6001200NEMA 3R Outdoor