• V/F, Sensorless Vector Control, Slip Compensation
  • 150% overload for 60 sec, CT
  • 120% overload for 60 sec, VT
  • 240V, Single-phase, 0.5-10 HP
  • 240V, Three-phase, 1-25 HP VT / 0.5-20 HP CT
  • 480V, Three-phase, 1-800 HP VT / 0.5-650 HP CT
  • Input voltage range: 200-240V Single / Three Phase (-15%, +10%)
  • Input voltage range: 380-480V Three Phase (-15%, +10%)
  • Output Frequency: 0-400 Hz
  • Sensorless: 0-120Hz
  • Carrier Frequency: Normal Duty: 1-15 kHz
  • Protection degree: NEMA 1 / IP20
  • Conformal Coated printed circuit boards
  • Built-in: Modbus-RTU
  • UL, cUL, CE Certified

WDFC Quick Start Video (Manual Set Up)

WDFC Quick Start Video ("Easy Set")

WDFC NEMA 1 Conduit Box Kit Installation


Model NumberVoltagePhaseConstant Torque HorsepowerConstant Torque Output Current
WDFC0008-4WDFC0008-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*0.51.3
WDFC0015-4WDFC0015-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*12.5
WDFC0022-4WDFC0022-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*24
WDFC0037-4WDFC0037-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*35.5
WDFC0055-4WDFC0055-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*58
WDFC0075-4WDFC0075-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*7.512
WDFC0110-4WDFC0110-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*1015
WDFC0150-4WDFC0150-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*1522
WDFC0185-4WDFC0185-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*2028
WDFC0220-4WDFC0220-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*2535
WDFC0300-4WDFC0300-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*3041
WDFC0370-4WDFC0370-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*4055
WDFC0450-4WDFC0450-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*5067
WDFC0550-4WDFC0550-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*6081
WDFC0750-4WDFC0750-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*75106
WDFC0900-4WDFC0900-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*100136
WDFC1100-4WDFC1100-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*125169
WDFC1320-4WDFC1320-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*150195
WDFC1600-4WDFC1600-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*200255
WDFC1850-4WDFC1850-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*250303
WDFC2200-4WDFC2200-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*250345
WDFC2500-4WDFC2500-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*300375
WDFC3150-4WDFC3150-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*400478
WDFC3550-4WDFC3550-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*450541
WDFC4000-4WDFC4000-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*500591
WDFC5000-4WDFC5000-4460Single and Three-Phase Ratings*650740
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 0.5 HP, 2.5 Amps CTWDFC0008-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*0.52.5
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 1 HP, 5 Amps CTWDFC0015-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*15
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 10 HP, 32 Amps CTWDFC0110-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*1032
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 15 HP, 46 Amps CTWDFC0150-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*1546
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 2 HP, 8 Amps CTWDFC0022-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*28
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 20 HP, 60 Amps CTWDFC0185-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*2060
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 3 HP, 11 Amps CTWDFC0037-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*311
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 5 HP, 17 Amps CTWDFC0055-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*517
WorldDrive FC VFD, 230V, 7.5 HP, 24 Amps CTWDFC0075-2230Single and Three-Phase Ratings*7.524