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HDR Series – Cast Iron

Flexible, high-quality and heavy-duty speed reduction
WorldWide Electric’s Heavy Duty Cast Iron Right Angle Worm Gear Reducers (HdR) feature solid, one-piece cast iron construction, durable carbon steel shafts, and the flexibility of multiple configurations. Featuring universal interchangeability with the Boston 700 series and other equivalent brands, WorldWide Electric’s HdR is an excellent choice for replacing existing units and completely new installations alike.
WorldWide Electric Worm Gear Reducers are in stock and ready to ship from WorldWide Electric’s 6 regional warehouses. Order 25 or more Worm Gear Reducers to qualify for prepaid freight.


Sample Part Number: HDRF133-10/1-L-56C. Each model number contains the product family, box size, ratio, and motor frame. When selecting ratio, replace colon with slash, e.g. 10:1 becomes 10/1.


  • Speed Ratio: 5:1 – 60:1
  • Center Distance: 1.33 – 3.25 inches
  • Housing: One-Piece #FC20 Cast Iron
  • Input Compatibility: 56C, 145TC, 182/4TC
  • Universally Interchangeable
  • One-year Warranty
  • Flange and Shaft Input Options
  • Shaft and Hollow Bore Output Options
  • Embedded Double-Lip Oil Seals
  • Double Bearings On Input Shaft
  • S45C Carbon Steel Shafts
  • Brass Spring Loaded Breather Plug
  • Pre-Filled with Mobil Synthetic SHC632
  • Universally Interchangeable with Boston 700 Series and Other Major Brands



Model Number Input Type Output Type Box Size Ratio
Shaft InputRight Hand32560:1
Shaft InputRight Hand32550:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand32560:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand32550:1
Shaft InputRight Hand3255:1
Shaft InputRight Hand32540:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand3255:1
Shaft InputRight Hand32530:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand32540:1
Shaft InputRight Hand32520:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand32530:1
Shaft InputRight Hand32515:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand32520:1
Shaft InputRight Hand32510:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand32515:1
Shaft InputRight Hand26260:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand32510:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand26260:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand26250:1
Shaft InputRight Hand26250:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand2625:1
Shaft InputRight Hand2625:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand26240:1
Shaft InputRight Hand26240:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand26230:1
Shaft InputRight Hand26230:1
Shaft InputRight Hand26220:1
Shaft InputRight Hand26215:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand26220:1
Shaft InputRight Hand26210:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand26215:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand26210:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand23760:1
Shaft InputRight Hand23760:1
Shaft InputRight Hand23750:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand23750:1
Shaft InputRight Hand2375:1
Shaft InputRight Hand23740:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand2375:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand23740:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand23730:1
Shaft InputRight Hand23730:1
Shaft InputRight Hand23720:1
Shaft InputRight Hand23715:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand23720:1
Shaft InputRight Hand23710:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand23715:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand23710:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand20660:1
Shaft InputRight Hand20660:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand20650:1
Shaft InputRight Hand20650:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand2065:1
Shaft InputRight Hand2065:1
Shaft InputRight Hand20640:1
Shaft InputRight Hand20630:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand20640:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand20630:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand20620:1
Shaft InputRight Hand20620:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand20615:1
Shaft InputRight Hand20615:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand20610:1
Shaft InputRight Hand20610:1
Shaft InputRight Hand17560:1
Shaft InputRight Hand17550:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand17560:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand17550:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand1755:1
Shaft InputRight Hand1755:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand17540:1
Shaft InputRight Hand17540:1
Shaft InputRight Hand17530:1
Shaft InputRight Hand17520:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand17530:1
Shaft InputRight Hand17515:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand17520:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand17515:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand17510:1
Shaft InputRight Hand17510:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand15420:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand15440:1
Shaft InputRight Hand13360:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand15410:1
Shaft InputRight Hand13350:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand13360:1
Shaft InputRight Hand1335:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand13350:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand1335:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand13340:1
Shaft InputRight Hand13340:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand13330:1
Shaft InputRight Hand13330:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand13320:1
Shaft InputRight Hand13320:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand13315:1
Shaft InputRight Hand13315:1
Shaft InputLeft Hand13310:1
Shaft InputRight Hand13310:1
Flange InputRight Hand32560:1
Flange InputRight Hand32560:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32560:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32560:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32560:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32560:1
Flange InputDouble End32560:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32560:1
Flange InputDouble End32560:1
Flange InputRight Hand32550:1
Flange InputRight Hand32550:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32550:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32550:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32550:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32550:1
Flange InputDouble End32550:1
Flange InputDouble End32550:1
Flange InputRight Hand3255:1
Flange InputLeft Hand3255:1
Flange InputDouble End3255:1
Flange InputHollow Bore3255:1
Flange InputRight Hand32540:1
Flange InputRight Hand32540:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32540:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32540:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32540:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32540:1
Flange InputDouble End32540:1
Flange InputDouble End32540:1
Flange InputRight Hand32530:1
Flange InputRight Hand32530:1
Flange InputRight Hand32530:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32530:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32530:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32530:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32530:1
Flange InputDouble End32530:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32530:1
Flange InputDouble End32530:1
Flange InputRight Hand32520:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32520:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32520:1
Flange InputRight Hand32515:1
Flange InputDouble End32520:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32515:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32515:1
Flange InputDouble End32515:1
Flange InputLeft Hand32510:1
Flange InputRight Hand32510:1
Flange InputHollow Bore32510:1
Flange InputRight Hand26260:1
Flange InputDouble End32510:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26260:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26260:1
Flange InputRight Hand26250:1
Flange InputDouble End26260:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26250:1
Flange InputDouble End26250:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26250:1
Flange InputRight Hand2625:1
Flange InputHollow Bore2625:1
Flange InputLeft Hand2625:1
Flange InputRight Hand26240:1
Flange InputDouble End2625:1
Flange InputLeft Hand262
Flange InputLeft Hand26240:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26240:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26240:1
Flange InputRight Hand26230:1
Flange InputDouble End26240:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26230:1
Flange InputRight Hand26230:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26230:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26230:1
Flange InputDouble End26230:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26230:1
Flange InputRight Hand26220:1
Flange InputDouble End26230:1
Flange InputRight Hand26220:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26220:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26220:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26220:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26220:1
Flange InputDouble End26220:1
Flange InputDouble End26220:1
Flange InputRight Hand26215:1
Flange InputRight Hand26215:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26215:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26215:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26215:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26215:1
Flange InputDouble End26215:1
Flange InputRight Hand26210:1
Flange InputDouble End26215:1
Flange InputLeft Hand26210:1
Flange InputDouble End26210:1
Flange InputHollow Bore26210:1
Flange InputLeft Hand23760:1
Flange InputRight Hand23760:1
Flange InputDouble End23760:1
Flange InputHollow Bore23760:1
Flange InputLeft Hand23750:1
Flange InputRight Hand23750:1
Flange InputHollow Bore23750:1
Flange InputRight Hand2375:1
Flange InputDouble End23750:1
Flange InputHollow Bore2375:1
Flange InputLeft Hand2375:1
Flange InputDouble End2375:1
Flange InputLeft Hand23740:1
Flange InputRight Hand23740:1
Flange InputDouble End23740:1
Flange InputHollow Bore23740:1
Flange InputRight Hand23730:1
Flange InputHollow Bore23730:1
Flange InputLeft Hand23730:1
Flange InputRight Hand23720:1
Flange InputDouble End23730:1
Flange InputLeft Hand23720:1
Flange InputDouble End23720:1
Flange InputHollow Bore23720:1
Flange InputRight Hand23715:1
Flange InputHollow Bore23715:1
Flange InputLeft Hand23715:1
Flange InputLeft Hand237100:1
Flange InputDouble End23715:1
Flange InputRight Hand23710:1
Flange InputLeft Hand23710:1
Flange InputRight Hand23710:1
Flange InputHollow Bore23710:1
Flange InputLeft Hand23710:1
Flange InputDouble End23710:1
Flange InputDouble End23710:1
Flange InputLeft Hand20660:1
Flange InputRight Hand20660:1
Flange InputHollow Bore20660:1
Flange InputRight Hand20650:1
Flange InputDouble End20660:1
Flange InputHollow Bore20650:1
Flange InputLeft Hand20650:1
Flange InputRight Hand2065:1
Flange InputDouble End20650:1
Flange InputHollow Bore2065:1
Flange InputLeft Hand2065:1
Flange InputDouble End2065:1
Flange InputRight Hand20640:1
Flange InputHollow Bore20640:1
Flange InputLeft Hand20640:1
Flange InputRight Hand20630:1
Flange InputDouble End20640:1
Flange InputLeft Hand20630:1
Flange InputDouble End20630:1
Flange InputHollow Bore20630:1
Flange InputLeft Hand20620:1
Flange InputRight Hand20620:1
Flange InputHollow Bore20620:1
Flange InputRight Hand20615:1
Flange InputDouble End20620:1
Flange InputHollow Bore20615:1
Flange InputLeft Hand20615:1
Flange InputDouble End20615:1
Flange InputRight Hand20610:1
Flange InputLeft Hand20610:1
Flange InputHollow Bore20610:1
Flange InputDouble End20610:1
Flange InputLeft Hand17560:1
Flange InputRight Hand17560:1
Flange InputHollow Bore17560:1
Flange InputRight Hand17550:1
Flange InputDouble End17560:1
Flange InputHollow Bore17550:1
Flange InputLeft Hand17550:1
Flange InputRight Hand1755:1
Flange InputDouble End17550:1
Flange InputLeft Hand1755:1
Flange InputDouble End1755:1
Flange InputHollow Bore1755:1
Flange InputRight Hand17540:1
Flange InputHollow Bore17540:1
Flange InputLeft Hand17540:1
Flange InputDouble End17540:1
Flange InputLeft Hand17530:1
Flange InputRight Hand17530:1
Flange InputHollow Bore17530:1
Flange InputDouble End17530:1
Flange InputRight Hand17520:1
Flange InputHollow Bore17520:1
Flange InputLeft Hand17520:1
Flange InputRight Hand17515:1
Flange InputDouble End17520:1
Flange InputHollow Bore17515:1
Flange InputLeft Hand17515:1
Flange InputDouble End17515:1
Flange InputDouble End175100:1
Flange InputLeft Hand17510:1
Flange InputRight Hand17510:1
Flange InputDouble End17510:1
Flange InputHollow Bore17510:1
Flange InputLeft Hand15460:1
Flange InputRight Hand15460:1
Flange InputRight Hand15450:1
Flange InputDouble End15460:1
Flange InputLeft Hand15450:1
Flange InputRight Hand1545:1
Flange InputDouble End15450:1
Flange InputRight Hand15440:1
Flange InputDouble End1545:1
Flange InputDouble End15440:1
Flange InputLeft Hand15440:1
Flange InputLeft Hand15430:1
Flange InputRight Hand15430:1
Flange InputRight Hand15420:1
Flange InputDouble End15430:1
Flange InputDouble End15420:1
Flange InputLeft Hand15420:1
Flange InputLeft Hand15415:1
Flange InputRight Hand15415:1
Flange InputRight Hand15410:1
Flange InputDouble End15415:1
Flange InputDouble End15410:1
Flange InputLeft Hand15410:1
Flange InputRight Hand13360:1
Flange InputHollow Bore13360:1
Flange InputLeft Hand13360:1
Flange InputDouble End13360:1
Flange InputRight Hand13350:1
Flange InputHollow Bore13350:1
Flange InputLeft Hand13350:1
Flange InputRight Hand1335:1
Flange InputDouble End13350:1
Flange InputLeft Hand1335:1
Flange InputHollow Bore1335:1
Flange InputRight Hand13340:1
Flange InputDouble End1335:1
Flange InputHollow Bore13340:1
Flange InputLeft Hand13340:1
Flange InputDouble End13340:1
Flange InputRight Hand13330:1
Flange InputHollow Bore13330:1
Flange InputLeft Hand13330:1
Flange InputDouble End13330:1
Flange InputRight Hand13320:1
Flange InputHollow Bore13320:1
Flange InputLeft Hand13320:1
Flange InputDouble End13320:1
Flange InputLeft Hand13315:1
Flange InputRight Hand13315:1
Flange InputHollow Bore13315:1
Flange InputDouble End13315:1
Flange InputLeft Hand13310:1
Flange InputRight Hand13310:1
Flange InputDouble End13310:1
Flange InputHollow Bore13310:1