Specialty Motors

With extensive design and engineering capabilities, Louis Allis specializes in manufacturing new motors as well as re-machining and modifying existing motors for the world’s most unique and challenging applications. Louis Allis can customize the footprint, form, fit, and function of these
specialty motors to meet the needs of almost any application up to 15,000 horsepower. Over the last century, Louis Allis has produced more than two million motors and more specialty motors than any other U.S. motor manufacturer.

  • Specialty motors specifically designed to meet the needs of your application
  • Low, medium, and high voltage motors up to 15,000 HP available
  • Manufactured at Louis Allis’ ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Warrior, Alabama

Specialty Motor Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Low, medium, and high voltage up to 15,000 HP
  • AC induction (Squirrel cage)
  • Wound rotor
  • Synchronous
  • DC
  • Vertical
  • Design D (High slip)
  • Multi-speed
  • Shaker/vibratory duty
  • Pancake style
  • Crusher/pulverizer duty
  • Drill rig motors
  • Compressor duty
  • Fan duty (High inertia)
  • Centrifuge/extractor duty
  • Mixer duty
  • Nuclear applications
  • Military motors (MIL-SPEC)

Common Modifications to Stock Motors

  • Change shaft configurations
  • Add special flanges, brakes, seals, blowers, RTDs, or encoders
  • Rewind to two-speed single windings
  • Redesign rotors (Design D)
  • Change terminal boxes to F3
  • Fabricate new endbells
  • Add screens to ODP motors
  • Change grease routings
  • Machine feet off frames
  • Redesign from ball to sleeve bearings
  • De-rate or re-rate motors
  • Rewind with sealed system for damp or wet environments

Design Capabilities

Electrical / Magnetic

  • Squirrel cage induction
  • Synchronous
  • Wound rotor induction
  • Slow speed
  • Special duty cycle
  • High torque
  • Low inrush


  • Rotor dynamics
  • Bearing system selection
  • Structural integrity


  • Uprate
  • Speed change
  • Voltage change
  • Efficiency improvement


  • Enclosure modifications
  • Air flow analysis and design
  • Environmental protection
  • Matching legacy designs


  • Failure analysis
  • Drop-in replacement design
  • Manufacturing drawings


  • Louis Allis is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.
  • Specialty motors can be manufactured to meet standards including NEMA MG, EASA-AR100, IEEE, and MIL-SPEC.

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