Factory Recertified Motors

Quality Motors with a Shorter Lead Time and Lower Cost

Louis Allis’ Factory Recertification Program provides a quick and cost effective alternative to a new motor or custom build. Choose from an extensive inventory of previously-owned and surplus factory re-certified electric motors, or have Louis Allis factory re-certify your old motor to OEM or manufacturer specifications by replacing internal components while salvaging the existing frame. All of Louis Allis’ factory re-certified motors are backed by a one-year warranty.

  • Cost and time savings over new or custom motors
  • Inventory includes re-certified motors up to 15,000 HP
  • Re-certified by expert craftsmen at Louis Allis’ ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Warrior, Alabama

Benefits of the Factory Recertification Program

Louis Allis is the only U.S. electric motor manufacturer that offers this unique factory recertification program. Louis Allis has the expertise, inventory and quality standards to produce high-level recertified machines.

  • Rebuilt to OEM or manufacturer specifications by expert craftsmen with the highest level of quality in the industry
  • Substantial cost and time savings over buying a new motor
  • Available quickly with emergency or rush services
  • Covered the same one-year factory warranty as a new motor

Factory Recertified Inventory

Available for purchase or for rent, Louis Allis carries an extensive inventory of previously-owned and surplus recertified electric motors up to 15,000 HP. Inventoried motor types include but are not limited to:

  • AC induction (Squirrel Cage)
  • Wound rotor
  • Synchronous
  • DC
  • Vertical
  • High torque
  • High inertia
  • Shaker / vibratory duty • Chipper duty
  • Ball Mill duty

Factory Recertification Services

As an alternative to purchasing from inventory, Louis Allis can take your existing electric motor frame and replace internal components to produce a like-new motor. This program is beneficial for situations where dimensions cannot change and when lead time and cost are important considerations. Component replacement options include but are not limited to the following parts:

Stator Assembly

  • C-5 stator laminations
  • VPI windings
  • Upgraded insulation
  • Efficiency upgrade

Rotor Assembly

• C-5 rotor laminations
• Bars and end rings
• Shaft
• Precision balance G2.5

Additional Items

  • Re-babbitted bearings
  • Grease lube bearings
  • Auxiliary components
  • Hardware


  • Louis Allis is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.
  • Specialty motors can be manufactured to meet standards including NEMA MG, EASA-AR100, IEEE, and MIL-SPEC.

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