Communities cannot survive without the daily use of water. The increase of water restrictions in regions experiencing droughts have, unfortunately, capped water availability. WorldWide Electric manufactures electrical solutions that are specifically designed to aid in the conveyance of water and other fluids.

Move Water with Electrical Power

WorldWide Electric offers electric motors, variable frequency drives, soft starts, and gear reducers specifically designed for use in irrigation, water, and wastewater applications. Our products drive and control water-related municipal, industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing applications. For example, our Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor is specifically designed to go on vertical turbine pumps and bring water up out of the ground. This motor can be used for multiple water transfer needs – from crop farming, to transporting water from adjacent town wells into a city, to the transfer of wastewater.

Our Products Handle All Fluid Transfers

While water transfer is more common, our solutions are not limited to water. We are actively involved in all kinds of fluid transfers. We build products that are specifically designed to work with all types of industrial pumps in the irrigation marketplace and the controls that operate these motors.

Why WorldWide Electric?

We manufacture high quality water transfer solutions that allow distributors to make better profits and save costs for the end user. Our persistent aim is to develop new product lines on the leading edge of water transfer technology. The two greatest strengths we offer are communication and inventory. When you call us, you’ll speak to a live person who can answer your questions and complete your order. We also carry $50 million worth of readily available inventory in 6 warehouses spread across the U.S. Whatever you need, we’re ready to ship it to you from the moment you pick up the phone.

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