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Explosion Proof – TEXP

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Explosion Proof (TEXP) enclosure, designed for industrial applications with the presence of highly combustible, pervasive materials. Fully tested and certified for explosion-proof classification in Class 1 Division 1 Groups C & D and Class 2 Division 1 Groups F & G.


Sample Part Number: IXPEWWE7.5-36-213T. Each model number contains the product family, horsepower, rpm, voltage, and frame size. Ratings for hp with a decimal will carry a decimal to the model number, i.e. 7.5 hp becomes IXPEWWE7.5-36-213T. Ratings for rpm are divided by 100.


  • 1 hp to 250 hp
  • 3600, 1800, and 1200 rpm
  • 230/460 Volts (1 – 100 hp), 460 Volts (125 – 250 hp)
  • Totally Enclosed Explosion Proof
  • Service Factor: 1.15 SF
  • IP55 protection
  • Class F insulation
  • Premium efficiency (1 – 250 hp)
  • Inverter duty, 5:1 CT / 10:1 VT (1 – 200 hp only)
  • Normally-Closed winding thermostats provided
  • UL Listed Class 1, Div. 1, Groups C and D; Class 2, Div. 1, Groups F and G; T3C; Inverter duty (1 – 200 hp), 40°C ambient temperature as standard
    • 143T – 215T: Class 1, Div. 1, Groups C and D; T3C; Inverter duty (1 – 200 hp); 55°C ambient temperature
    • 254T – 449T: Class 1, Div. 1, Groups C and D; T2C; Inverter duty (1 – 200 hp); 55°C ambient temperature



Model Number Horsepower RPM Frame Size Mounting Type Area of Classification
753600365TSRigid Base
751800365TCC-Face with Feet
751800365TRigid Base
751200405TRigid Base
7.53600213TCC-Face with Feet
7.53600213TRigid Base
7.51800213TCC-Face with Feet
7.51800213TRigid Base
7.51200254TRigid Base
603600364TSCC-Face with Feet
603600364TSRigid Base
601800364TCC-Face with Feet
601800364TRigid Base
601200404TRigid Base
503600326TSRigid Base
501800326TCC-Face with Feet
501800326TRigid Base
501200365TRigid Base
53600184TRigid Base
51800184TCC-Face with Feet
51800184TRigid Base
51200215TRigid Base
403600324TSCC-Face with Feet
403600324TSRigid Base
401800324TCC-Face with Feet
401800324TRigid Base
401200364TRigid Base
303600286TSCC-Face with Feet
303600286TSRigid Base
301800286TCC-Face with Feet
301800286TRigid Base
301200326TRigid Base
33600182TRigid Base
31800182TCC-Face with Feet
31800182TRigid Base
31200213TCC-Face with Feet
31200213TRigid Base
2501800447/9TRigid Base
253600284TSCC-Face with Feet
253600284TSRigid Base
251800284TCC-Face with Feet
251800284TRigid Base
251200324TRigid Base
2003600444/5TSRigid Base
2001800445/7/9TCC-Face with Feet
2001800445/7/9TRigid Base
2001200447/9TRigid Base
203600256TCC-Face with Feet
203600256TRigid Base
201800256TCC-Face with Feet
201800256TRigid Base
201200286TRigid Base
23600145TRigid Base
21800145TCC-Face with Feet
21800145TRigid Base
21200184TRigid Base
1503600444/5TSRigid Base
1501800444/5TCC-Face with Feet
1501800444/5TRigid Base
1501200447/9TRigid Base
153600254TCC-Face with Feet
153600254TRigid Base
151800254TCC-Face with Feet
151800254TRigid Base
151200284TCC-Face with Feet
151200284TRigid Base
1253600444/5TSRigid Base
1251800444/5TCC-Face with Feet
1251800444/5TRigid Base
1251200444/5TRigid Base
1003600405TSCC-Face with Feet
1003600405TSRigid Base
1001800405TCC-Face with Feet
1001800405TRigid Base
1001200444/5TRigid Base
1001200444/5TRigid Base
103600215TCC-Face with Feet
103600215TRigid Base
101800215TCC-Face with Feet
101800215TRigid Base
101200256TCC-Face with Feet
101200256TRigid Base
1.53600143TRigid Base
1.51800145TRigid Base
1.51200182TRigid Base
11800143TRigid Base
11200145TRigid Base