Agriculture Is Tough.

At WorldWide Electric, we understand that buying motors, drives, and gear reducers for agricultural applications is about far more than an attractive price. Farming and agriculture applications require equipment that is designed and built to handle the rigors of tough starts and stops, frequent use, and even always-on situations. That’s why our Farm Duty motors are designed to perform in the high-torque, heavy-duty environment that agriculture demands. And if you need more horsepower, we’ve got you covered with our Premium Efficient Severe Duty motors. Choose WorldWide Electric because your profits and livelihood depend on the reliability and quality of your equipment.

Resilient and Affordable Gear Reducers for Agricultural Applications

WorldWide Electric offers a complete line of gear reducers ideal for the rigors and stresses of the Agricultural Industry. Our diverse lines include Shaft Mount Reducers, Right Angle Cast Iron and Aluminum Reducers, Helical Bevel Reducers, Stainless Steel Reducers, and more.

farm duty agricultural motors

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