We build low and medium voltage motors for harsh environments, hazardous locations, and even custom recovery methods. For reliable and cost efficient control, we also manufacture and stock variable frequency drives and soft-starters.

Extract Raw Resources
with Electrical Power

While oil and gas recovery methods continue to evolve as new deposits are found across the United States, the process is still challenging. Companies that use injection pumps, pump jacks, and methods to transfer oil and gas all need a reliable power source to operate their mechanics. That’s why we manufacture electric motors designed specifically for pump jacks, salt water disposal, progressive cavity pumps, vapor recovery units, and mud pumps.

gas and oil electric motors

Features & Benefits

When it comes to oil and gas, we function in the packager industry. Packagers like us because of our $25 million worth of readily available inventory – held in locations that make orders quick and convenient. Another reason packagers choose us is because our products are designed and tailored to meet specific equipment regulations in the oil and gas industry. For example, we spent years studying the pump jack industry to develop and refine our “Producer” Pump Jack Drive.  As a result, our drive efficiently optimizes the extraction process, lowers energy costs, and saves on mechanical maintenance.  Because we are so industry specific when it comes to manufacturing electric solutions for the oil and gas industry, packagers are driven back to us again and again.

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