Cast Iron Motors for Hydraulic Power Units

When you’re designing a hydraulic system, you may be uncertain about the environmental conditions of your buyer’s location. Harsh conditions like extreme heat or cold could be damaging to your equipment. That’s why WorldWide Electric manufactures and distributes cast iron, with shaft slingers, cast iron junction boxes, specifically designed to perform under the most severe applications. With us, it won’t matter where you’re sending your hydraulic package because our motors can handle the harshest environments.

The Hyundai Premium Efficient Motor Designed for Hydraulic Systems

Hyundai Crown Triton motors designed for use in the hydraulic industry run cooler and with less vibration than the competition. Being rated 65ºC ambient, these motors are designed to be used in a 149ºF environment at a 1.0 service factor. Vibration is decreased because the rotor is balanced to a tighter specification. For hydraulic applications, where you have C-Face motors coupled to a hydraulic pump, vibration is very important. Cooler operation and less vibration make Hyundai motors a great option for hydraulic applications.

Hydraulic motors

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