Designed for a wide variety of applications.  The field selectable Trip Class 5, 10, 20 or 30 can easily be set by 2 DIP switches. This eliminates the guess factor of an application requirements and provides reduced inventory for multiple applications. The inherent benefits of the ESP200 ultimately results in cost savings for the user.

ESP200 has a 4:1 current adjustment range with a fine adjustment dial labeled in full load amps. The heaterless overload minimizes the heat
trapped in the enclosures, reduces cost for ventilation or cooling. Easily accessible Reset button, provides visible and audible indications to ensure the tripped overload is ready to re-start.

Designed to replace thermal, or ESP100 overload relays for any application. It has the same dimensions and footprint of the ESP100 overload relays. It can be directly coupled to the contactors or remotely mounted. In addition to the NEMA contactor applications, it also can be used with other types of controllers for applications requiring IEC contactors. As a retrofit for other brands, it is used with a plate available
for retrofitting competitive products.

  • Selectable Trip Classes: 5, 10, 20 and 30
  • Manual, automatic, and remote reset
  • Phase loss protection – trips in less than 3 seconds
  • Phase unbalance protection – trips based on trip class selected (minimize temperature rise of the motor on an asymmetrical three-phase system)
  • Thermal memory (prevents restarting the motor when it is hot)
  • Ground fault protection – trips 60% of motor current
  • Ambient insensitive (prevents nuisance tripping)
  • FLA dial with wide range – 4:1 ratio
  • One NO and one NC contacts standard
  • Self protected in short circuit condition
  • Visible trip indicator
  • Touch-safe terminals
  • Removable terminals


Model NumberPhaseFull Load Amp RangeFrame Size