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Variable Speed DC Control, Non-Reversing

Model Number: WDCCONT

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WorldWide Electric’s Permanent Magnet DC, Factional hp Motors motors feature a C-Face with removable feet, 20:1 speed range at constant torque, and high starting torque. They are ideal for applications that require simple variable speed control and reliable construction.


▪ Dual Voltage - 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
▪ Adjustable Horsepower Settings
▪ Barrier Terminal Strip
▪ Packaged Bridge Supply (Fullwave)
▪ 1% Speed Regulation with Armature Voltage Feedback; ± 1/2% with Tach Feedback
▪ Adjustable Minimum Speed (0-30% of max.)
▪ Adjustable Maximum Speed (66-110% of base)
▪ Adjustable IR Compensation
▪ Adjustable Linear Acceleration (0.5-8 sec.)
▪ Adjustable Current Limit to 15 Amps
▪ Line Voltage Compensation
▪ 5K Ohm Speed Potentiometer with Leads, Knob and Dial Included
▪ Power On / Off Switch
▪ 50:1 Speed Range
▪ Overload Capacity: 150% for One Minute
▪ Transient Voltage Protection
▪ Voltage Following Mode or DC Tachometer Follower by Supplying Underground Analog Input Signal (0-12 VDC)
▪ DC Tachometer Feedback (6 V at Base Speed)
▪ Inhibit Circuit - Permits Start and Stop Without Breaking AC Lines
▪ Remote Start/Stop via Pot Circuit or Inhibit Circuit
▪ Shunt Field Supply Provided (1 Amp Max.; 100 V for 120 VAC; 200 V for 240 VAC Input)
▪ AC Line Fuse
▪ Rated NEMA 4/12 with Threaded Conduit Holes


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