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LAM IEEE 45 Marine-Duty Motors – TEFC

Louis Allis Marine-Duty Motors are built to the IEEE 45 standard for marine, general-purpose and severe-duty applications. Designed for wet and taxing conditions, these inverter duty motors offer impressive features, including an IP55 rating for protection from directed water jets, double vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) treatment for winding protection, and high torque ratings for the most demanding applications. Featuring a 3-year warranty, you’ll be able to depend on the LAM motor in offshore, coastal, and inland marine environments for years to come.


Sample Part Number: LAM1-12-145T. Each model number contains the product family, horsepower, rpm, and frame size. Ratings for hp with a decimal will carry a decimal to the model number, i.e. 7.5 hp becomes LAM1.5-12-143TC. Ratings for rpm are divided by 100 i.e. LAM125-36-364T

Frame Suffix Options

  • T: T-Frame
  • TC: C-Face
  • TS: Short shaft
  • TSC: Short shaft C-Face
  • TCRD: C-Face Round Body (Footless)


  • Output: 1 – 500 hp
  • Speed: 3600, 1800, 1200, and 900 rpm
  • Voltage: 230/460 Volts (1-200 hp), 460 Volt-only (250 – 500 hp)
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Service Factor: 1.25 SF (1-200 hp), 1.15 SF  (250 – 500 hp)
  • TEFC enclosure
  • IP55 protection
  • Heavy gauge rolled steel fan cover
  • Class 1 Division 2 Groups A,B,C,D in accordance with NEC
  • UR, CE, IEEE 45, CC306B
  • All frames double punched
  • NEMA Premium Efficiency
  • Class F insulation
  • Inverter duty, 10:1 CT / 20:1 VT (1.0 SF)
  • Metal clad V – Ring on DE, oil seal on ODE
  • Double Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) treatment
  • 230/460 Volts at 60 Hz (1 – 200 hp)
  • 460 Volt at 60 Hz (250 – 500 hp)



Model Number Horsepower RPM Frame Size Mounting Type
2001800445/7TCC-Face with Feet
4501200586/7Rigid Base
4001200586/7Rigid Base
300900586/7Rigid Base
1251800444TRigid Base
1001800405TRigid Base
250900449TRigid Base
2501800449TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
153600254TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
31200213TCC-Face with Feet
21200184TCC-Face with Feet
5001800L449TRigid Base
5001800L449TRigid Base
5001800L449TRigid Base
4501800L449TRigid Base
4501800L449TRigid Base
4501800L449TRigid Base
4501800L449TRigid Base
4503600L449TSRigid Base
4503600L449TSRigid Base
4001200L449TRigid Base
4001200L449TRigid Base
4001200L449TRigid Base
4001200L449TRigid Base
4001800586/7Rigid Base
4001800L449TRigid Base
4001800L449TRigid Base
4001800L449TRigid Base
4001800L449TRigid Base
4003600L449TRigid Base
4003600L449TSRigid Base
3501200L449TRigid Base
3501200L449TRigid Base
3501200L449TRigid Base
3501200L449TRigid Base
3501800586/7Rigid Base
3501800L449TRigid Base
3501800L449TRigid Base
3501800L449TRigid Base
3501800L449TRigid Base
3503600449TSRigid Base
3503600449TSRigid Base
300900L449TRigid Base
3001200449TRigid Base
3001800449TRigid Base
3001800449TRigid Base
3003600449TRigid Base
2501200586/7Rigid Base
2501200449TRigid Base
753600365TSCC-Face with Feet
753600365TSRigid Base
751800365TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
751800365TCC-Face with Feet
751800365TRigid Base
751200405TCC-Face with Feet
751200405TRigid Base
7.53600213TCC-Face with Feet
7.53600213TRigid Base
7.51800213TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
7.51800213TCC-Face with Feet
7.51800213TRigid Base
7.51200254TCC-Face with Feet
7.51200254TRigid Base
603600364TSCC-Face with Feet
603600364TSRigid Base
601800364TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
601800364TCC-Face with Feet
601800364TRigid Base
601200404TCC-Face with Feet
601200404TRigid Base
5003600586/7Rigid Base
5001800586/7BBRigid Base
5001800586/7Rigid Base
5001200586/7UZRigid Base
5001200586/7Rigid Base
503600326TSCC-Face with Feet
503600326TSRigid Base
501800326TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
501800326TCC-Face with Feet
501800326TRigid Base
501200365TCC-Face with Feet
501200365TRigid Base
53600184TCC-Face with Feet
53600184TRigid Base
51800184TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
51800184TCC-Face with Feet
51800184TRigid Base
51200215TCC-Face with Feet
51200215TRigid Base
4503600586/7Rigid Base
4501800586/7Rigid Base
4003600586/7Rigid Base
4001800586/7Rigid Base
403600324TSCC-Face with Feet
403600324TSRigid Base
401800324TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
401800324TCC-Face with Feet
401800324TRigid Base
401200364TCC-Face with Feet
401200364TRigid Base
3501800586/7Rigid Base
3501200586/7Rigid Base
3003600449TSRigid Base
3001800586/7Rigid Base
3001800449TBBRigid Base
3001800449TRigid Base
3001200586/7Rigid Base
3001200449TRigid Base
303600286TSCC-Face with Feet
303600286TSRigid Base
301800286TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
301800286TCC-Face with Feet
301800286TRigid Base
301200326TCC-Face with Feet
301200326TRigid Base
33600182TCC-Face with Feet
33600182TRigid Base
33600145TCC-Face with Feet
33600145TRigid Base
31800182TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
31800182TCC-Face with Feet
31800182TRigid Base
31200213TRigid Base
250900586/7Rigid Base
2503600449TSRigid Base
2501800449TBBRigid Base
2501800449TRigid Base
2501200449TRigid Base
253600284TSCC-Face with Feet
253600284TSRigid Base
251800284TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
251800284TCC-Face with Feet
251800284TRigid Base
251200324TCC-Face with Feet
251200324TRigid Base
2003600447TSCC-Face with Feet
2003600447TSRigid Base
2001800447TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
2001800445/7TBBRigid Base
2001800445/7TRigid Base
2001200449TCC-Face with Feet
2001200449TRigid Base
203600256TCC-Face with Feet
203600256TRigid Base
201800256TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
201800256TCC-Face with Feet
201800256TRigid Base
201200286TCC-Face with Feet
201200286TRigid Base
23600145TCC-Face with Feet
23600145TRigid Base
21800145TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
21800145TCC-Face with Feet
21800145TRigid Base
21200184TRigid Base
1503600445TSCC-Face with Feet
1503600445TSRigid Base
1501800445TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
1501800445TCC-Face with Feet
1501800445TRigid Base
1501800445TRigid Base
1501200447TCC-Face with Feet
1501200447TRigid Base
153600254TCC-Face with Feet
153600254TRigid Base
151800254TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
151800254TCC-Face with Feet
151800254TRigid Base
151200284TCC-Face with Feet
151200284TRigid Base
1253600444TSCC-Face with Feet
1253600444TSRigid Base
1251800444TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
1251800444TCC-Face with Feet
1251800444TRigid Base
1251200445TCC-Face with Feet
1251200445TRigid Base
1003600405TSCC-Face with Feet
1003600405TSRigid Base
1001800405TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
1001800405TCC-Face with Feet
1001800405TRigid Base
1001200444TCC-Face with Feet
1001200444TRigid Base
103600215TCC-Face with Feet
103600215TRigid Base
101800215TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
101800215TCC-Face with Feet
101800215TRigid Base
101200256TCC-Face with Feet
101200256TRigid Base
1.53600143TCC-Face with Feet
1.53600143TRigid Base
1.51800145TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
1.51800145TCC-Face with Feet
1.51800145TRigid Base
1.51200182TCC-Face with Feet
1.51200182TRigid Base
11800143TCRDC-Face Round Body (Footless)
11800143TCC-Face with Feet
11800143TRigid Base
11200145TCC-Face with Feet
11200145TRigid Base