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HYSMR Series – The Original Hydraulically Powered

Fully HXT compatible, mounts directly to the driven shaft
WorldWide Electric’s Original Shaft Mount Reducer is dimensionally equivalent to the popular HXT series shaft mount reducers to provide you with the perfect solution for all of your most demanding applications. Designed to accept all HXT compatible accessories without issue, the Original SMR allows you to take full advantage of your existing safety stock and installed base. For new applications, WorldWide Electric offers a complete line of our own motor mounts, belt guards, tapered bushing kits and backstops to complement your existing operations.


  • Housing: FCD45 Cast Iron
  • Box Size: 3 – 5
  • Speed Ratio: 15:1 and 25:1
  • Compatibility: HXT Compatible, Drop-In Replacement
  • Torque Arm Included
  • Two-year Warranty
  • Dimensional drop-in for Dodge HXT
  • Accepts B30 hydraulic input motors
  • SAE B two bolt mounting
  • SAE B involute spline input 13 Teeth 13/32 DP
  • Shaft and gears manufactured from high-grade steel, case hardened and precision ground to A.G.M.A. standards
  • Heavy duty FCD45 cast iron housing
  • Extended gear centers and tooth contact
  • Metal reinforced, spring loaded, double-lip seals
  • Premium ball and tapered roller bearings
  • Tapered bushing type; tapered bushing kit sold separately



Model Number Box Size Ratio Output Bore (Max.)
525:12 - 7/16"
515:12 - 7/16"
425:12 - 3/16"
415:12 - 3/16"
315:11 - 15/16"