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Siemens Class 14 Motor Starters with ESP200

Siemens Across The Line Class 14 Motor Starters with ESP200 Solid State Overloads are available in NEMA Sizes 00 through 5. In addition to the usual NEMA Starter Sizes, SIEMENS offers three exclusive Half Sizes: 1 3/4, 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. These integral sizes offer the same rugged, industrial construction as our NEMA Sizes and ensure efficient operating performance.


  • Enclosure Options: Open, NEMA 1, NEMA 12, NEMA 4/4X
  • Door-mounted reset PB standard
  • Knockouts for field kits
  • Control terminals for field ease
  • Large enclosure for wire bends
  • Field kits for local start/stop
  • Field kits for HOA operation
  • Reset pushbutton supplied standard
  • N.O. holding contact



Model Number HP @ 230V HP @ 460V NEMA Size Enclosure Type
100200Size 5NEMA 1
100200Size 5Open
100200Size 5NEMA 12
50100Size 4NEMA 1
50100Size 4Open
50100Size 4NEMA 12
4075Size 3-1/2NEMA 1
4075Size 3-1/2Open
4075Size 3-1/2NEMA 12
3050Size 3NEMA 1
3050Size 3Open
3050Size 3NEMA 12
2030Size 2-1/2NEMA 1
2030Size 2-1/2Open
0.751.5Size 1NEMA 1
0.751.5Size 1Open
0.751.5Size 1NEMA 12
0.751.5Size 0NEMA 1
0.751.5Size 0Open
0.751.5Size 0NEMA 12
0.751.5Size 00NEMA 1
0.751.5Size 00Open
2030Size 2-1/2NEMA 12
1525Size 2NEMA 1
1525Size 2Open
1525Size 2NEMA 12
1015Size 1-3/4NEMA 1
1015Size 1-3/4Open
1015Size 1-3/4NEMA 12
7.5N/ASize 1NEMA 1
7.5N/ASize 1Open
7.5N/ASize 1NEMA 12
310Size 1NEMA 1
310Size 1Open
310Size 1NEMA 12
25Size 1NEMA 1
25Size 1Open
25Size 1NEMA 12
3N/ASize 0NEMA 1
3N/ASize 0Open
3N/ASize 0NEMA 12
25Size 0NEMA 1
25Size 0Open
25Size 0NEMA 12
1.52Size 00NEMA 1
1.52Size 00Open
0.170.33Size 1NEMA 12
0.170.33Size 0NEMA 12
0.170.33Size 1NEMA 1
0.170.33Size 0NEMA 1
0.170.33Size 00NEMA 1
0.170.33Size 1Open
0.170.33Size 0Open
0.170.33Size 00Open