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WSPD Series – NEMA 4, with WSiQ

The WorldStart Positive Displacement (PD) control package is built for the demanding pumping applications, such as in oil & gas fields, salt water disposal, tough irrigation duties or controlling jet pumps.

Ultimate Control – The control panel, “At Speed/Run Bypass” and pilot devices are door-mounted for ease of access, and all operational parameters can be configured using the intuitive, built-in keypad.
Multiple Unit Programming – All parameters can be transferred to a USB memory storage drive for uploading to, and quickly configuring other units.
Reduced Heat Design – The “At Speed/Run bypass” takes over motor load control at full speed, which helps reduce panel heat.
Compact Footprint – Other components, such as terminal blocks, main circuit breaker are positioned for ease of service within a compact design.
Packed Solutions – All WorldStart PD packages are UL compliant, assembled, tested, and readied for operation prior to shipment.


Product Features

  • 230 V Three-Phase 10 – 60 hp
  • 460 V Three-Phase 20 – 500 hp
  • Enclosure: NEMA 4 with lockable door
  • True three-phase starter
  • Advanced adaptive control for starting/stopping
  • Current Limit and Voltage Ramp start modes
  • Kick Start torque boost available
  • Coast-to-stop and ramp-to-stop options
  • Panel surge protection
  • Soft trip
  • Prewired per UL508A

Startup, Commissioning & Maintenance

  • Input voltage range:
  • 200-230 V Three Phase (-15%, +10%)
  • 380-480 V Three-Phase (-15%, +10%)
  • I/O and network expansion options
  • NO/NC selectable “Murphy Switch” inputs (x7)
  • USB port, data backup, transfer and logging
  • Analog output
  • Emergency run up to 300 hp units

Door Mounted Operators

  • Soft starter keypad
  • Motor run lamp
  • Local-Off-Remote selector switch
  • Fault lamp and reset pushbutton
  • Start pushbutton
  • Stop pushbutton
  • E-Stop pushbutton

Advanced Protection

  • Phase sequence
  • Phase loss and power loss


  • Ethernet IP
  • Built-in Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP



Model Number HP @ 230V HP @ 460V Enclosure Type
4075NEMA 4
2560NEMA 4
500NEMA 4
450NEMA 4
2050NEMA 4
400NEMA 4
1540NEMA 4
300NEMA 4
1530NEMA 4
250NEMA 4
1025NEMA 4
200NEMA 4
1020NEMA 4
60150NEMA 4
60125NEMA 4
40100NEMA 4