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Model Number: HNF367J

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WorldWide Electric motor controls ensure your motor is properly protected while controlling starting, stopping, and operating speed. Our extensive inventory of motor controls includes chassis and packaged variable frequency drives, chassis, and packaged soft starters, across-the-line starters, and a wide range of ancillary control devices, such as contactors,Β  overload relays, pilot devices, and heavy-duty disconnect switches. In addition to WorldWide Electric brand products, we also carry Siemens and Hubbell brands. Download our Motor Controls CatalogΒ for complete information. WorldWide Electric products are backed by exceptional technical support. Our highly knowledgeable team is available during standard business hours for basic programming and troubleshooting assistance and 24/7, including weekends and holidays, for emergency breakdown support.


Amp Rating
Enclosure Type
NEMA 12 Industrial
Heavy Duty, 600 Volt Non-Fusible - 3-Pole, 3-Wire


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