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Hyundai N700E VFD, 230V, Single-Phase In / Three-Phase Out, 3 HP, 11 Amps CT

Model Number: N700E-022SF

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Total control of your motor applications. WorldWide Electric has a Variable Frequency Drive Chassis for almost any application, from general purpose to severe duty. Choose from the WorldDrive Flex Control, WorldDrive G2, WorldDrive 4X, or WorldDrive N700E.


• Sensorless Vector Control
• 0.01 - 400 Hz
• 60 sec. 150% overload, CT applications
• 60 sec. 120% overload, VT applications
• 3000 second accel/decel
• DC braking
• Auto-tuning
• Sixteen pre-set speeds
• Adjustable carrier frequencies
• PID control
• Frequency jump
• Analog gain bias
• Jog run
• Electronic thermal overload
• Auto-torque boost, trip history monitor and software lock
• Speed search function
• Intelligent input function
• RS485 - Modbus communications
• Other communications options available - Consult factory
Constant Torque Horsepower
Constant Torque Output Current
Dimensions (inches)
5.04 x 4.25 x 5.6
Single-Phase In / Three-Phase Out


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