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General Purpose – WSES Series

Efficient Soft Start Control Panel System
The World Start Efficient System (WSES) combines a reduced-voltage chassis starter, ancillary components, and controls to provide a single, cost-effective system suitable for operating equipment with basic performance requirements, such as pumps, fans, or motors.

The WSES features an intuitive parameter setup and multiple feature sets. Operationally the β€œAt Speed / Run Bypass” mode takes over the motor load control from the SCR units after the motor is at full speed. This feature reduces panel heat during RUN mode. Emergency full-voltage bypass is not part of this system.

The secure lockable panel, with padlock disconnect, protects the ancillary components: terminal block, panel surge protection with the main circuit breaker, pilot devices, and other options, and provides a maintenance-friendly yet compact design.


  • Standard pump and fan applications
  • Constant current and current ramp soft start selectable modes
  • Voltage ramp soft stop
  • Coast to stop
  • 250% to 450% adjustable current limit
  • 7.5 – 200 hp
  • Input voltage range:
    – 200-230 V three-phase (-15%, +10%)
    – 380-480 V three-phase (-15%, +10%)
  • Control voltage 110-240 Vac (-15%, +10%)
  • Configuration dials on the front of chassis unit
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure with Padlock Disconnect
  • Door-mounted Start / Stop pushbuttons
  • Programmable output on chassis unit
  • Motor protection: motor overload, motor thermistor input, current imbalance, excess start time, and more
  • Two-phase control of three-phase power
  • Chassis provides status feedback LEDs
  • Optional remote operator keypad
  • Optional Modbus or Ethernet cards
  • Assembled per UL508A



Model Number HP @ 230V HP @ 460V Enclosure Type
75150NEMA 4
60125NEMA 4
50100NEMA 4
3075NEMA 4
3060NEMA 4
2040NEMA 4
1020NEMA 4