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Aluminum Worm Gear Reducer, Box Size 75, 25:1 Ratio, 56C Frame

Model Number: CALM75-25/1-56C

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WorldWide Electric offers cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel worm gear reducers. Worm gear reducers are among the most compact and least expensive options among gear reducers, used to reduce input rotational speed and increase output torque. WorldWide Electric Worm Gear Reducers are in stock and ready to ship from WorldWide Electric’s 6 regional warehouses. Order 25 or more Worm Gear Reducers to qualify for prepaid freight. Not sure which gear reducer is right for you? Check out our post “Selecting an Appropriate Gear Reducer”.


• Aluminum alloy housing for light weight design
• Hardened worm shaft for increased durability
• Two bearings on input and output shafts
• NEMA motor input flanges
• All units filled with synthetic oil (Mobil SHC634) for an “M1” position mounting
• Adjust oil level for alternative mounting positions
• Double lip oil seals prevent leakage
• Multiple mounting holes for all angle mounts
• Powder coat paint plan on external housing to resist corrosion
• Hollow output bores with plug-in output shafts
• 1 year warranty
Approximate Weight (lbs)
Box Size
NEMA Motor Frame
Output Type
Hollow Bore
Warranty Length
One Year


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