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Hyundai Motors Are Now ABS Certified

Dec 22, 2016

Expand Your Market. Offer ABS Type Approved Motors.

Hyundai Motors, ABS Certified, ABS Type Approved Motors
Hyundai Motors, ABS Certified, ABS Type Approved Motors

The Hyundai Motors (1-600 HP) offered by WorldWide Electric have achieved a new ABS Type Approval. ABS Type Approval provides the potential of widening the market base for our distributor and OEM partners. Once Type Approved, an electric motor can be selected by ship designers, builders, and owners to be placed aboard an ABS-classed vessel.

ABS Product Design Assessment (PDA):

  • Ensures the product is suitable for use on a variety of ABS-classed ships
  • Verifies the quality and craftsmanship of Hyundai Electric Motors

Hyundai Electric Motors provide the value that customers expect. We are proud to offer our distributor and OEM partners the ability to combine Hyundai value with ABS-certified benefits to expand their market opportunities.

Ready to expand your reach into the marine market? Take advantage of our ABS Type Approved electric motors. View all Hyundai motors and place your order today!