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Case Study: BDI, Dallas TX (050)

Jan 25, 2017

Tom Eschliman, Branch Manager

BDI distributes WorldWide Electric motors, controls, and reducers to industries all over the world, such as aggregate, wastewater treatment, oil and gas, food processing, automotive, airport, and others.


BDI’s Dallas branch manager, Tom Eschliman, says one of the main reasons he likes WorldWide Electric is because of their local-to-Dallas stocking center: “We can get inventory out the same day… if our customers are down we can go get the parts and deliver it to them within a couple of hours,” as opposed to waiting for another manufacturer to ship it from a factory out east.


Eschliman also comments on WorldWide Electric’s prices: “We get the same quality product as some of our other manufacturers for a lot less. We’re able to save our customers money, and we’re able to make more gross profit margin.”

Customer Service

About WorldWide Electric, the BDI branch manager says, “Their customer service is one of the best in the industry. They get quotes back really quick. Even if it’s something special… [they’re] able to get us all the details we need to secure the order.” Eschliman recalls a recent motor controls deal: “We secured a $17,000 order. Without [a local WorldWide Electric representative’s] help, I would have never even had an opportunity for that order.”


While BDI sells all categories of WorldWide products, Eschliman places a particular emphasis on the worm gear reducers and their applicable motors. BDI customers in all industries – particularly in food, distribution centers, and package-handling centers – purchase a lot of WorldWide Electric worm gear boxes and their motors. Another product he highlights is WorldWide’s shaft mount line of gearboxes (modeled after the popular TXT reducer series). He says BDI customers in the aggregate and agricultural industry really like the warranty on these products.