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Case Study: REMco, Livermore CA

Jan 25, 2017

Case Study: REMco, Livermore CA

Kevin Cadwalader, General Manager

Rock Engineered Machinery Co. (DBA: REMco) works with WorldWide Electric Corp. to manufacture crusher products for industries around the globe that include aggregate construction materials, mining, industrial minerals, and recycling industries, among others.  

Quick to Solve Problems

REMco general manager Kevin Cadwalader believes the true measure of a company is found in how it handles problems. He appreciates WorldWide Electric as a company that stands shoulder to shoulder with clients even when “everything flies south,” and works hard to get product up and running again.

Dedicated After-Sale Support

Cadwalader said that REMco offers the WorldWide Electric motor as the standard motor on their crushers because of the after-sale support: “If I have an issue with the motor there is always somebody to talk to, take my call, answer my questions, they get back to me right away.” He adds, “Their warranty… is second to none in the industry… If there’s a problem with the motor, they’re all over getting another motor to that customer… and getting the crusher running again.”  

Same-Day or Next-Day Availability

One way WorldWide Electric is able to offer REMco such dedicated support is due to their ready-to-ship product stored in warehouses throughout the country. Cadwalader says, “I never had any trouble getting [replacement parts] in short order… I can’t think of a time [WorldWide Electric] didn’t have those pieces in stock.” Due to the close vicinity of WorldWide warehouses, REMco is able to receive shipped products in a day (or even on the same day) of a call.

Same or Better Specifications

Cadwalader also praises the impressive quality of WorldWide Electric product: “Its specifications will stack up against any like industrial motor… the specifications of the motor are going to be very similar if not beat the competition.” Cadwalader sums up why REMco enjoys working with WordWide Electric product, “They have a great product, with a great warranty, and it also happens to have a good price.”