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Louis Allis, a WorldWide Electric Company, Granted Preliminary Injunction Against Ideal Electric Power Company Over Trademark Infringement

Oct 16, 2023

Federal court issues order against Ideal Electric Power Company, immediately halting Ideal’s infringement of the Louis Allis trademarks.

Warrior, ALLouis Allis, LLC, a leading specialty motor manufacturer based in Warrior, Alabama, obtained a preliminary injunction order from a federal court in Delaware on October 13, 2023 that immediately prohibits Ideal Electric Power Company from using or displaying Louis Allis’s federally registered trademarks for its brand name and stylized LA logo. The preliminary injunction order will continue until the court has ruled following a trial in this matter, which is anticipated to be scheduled for 2025.

In addition to precluding Ideal from using and displaying the Louis Allis trademarks, the court’s preliminary injunction order forbids Ideal from claiming to own or in any way be associated with Louis Allis. Ideal cannot offer or sell any goods or services bearing the Louis Allis trademarks, and Ideal cannot take any steps that create the impression that Ideal’s products or services are connected to Louis Allis, which they are not. The judge also ordered Ideal preliminarily to remove any references to the Louis Allis trademarks from its corporate website, social media postings, and other marketing and promotional materials. 

At the end of June 2023, Louis Allis learned that Ideal claimed to own certain Louis Allis trademarks and business lines. Ideal was also falsely trying to pass itself off as the real Louis Allis and the heir to Louis Allis’s more than 100-year customer service history. Ideal set up display booths at industry events such as the 2023 Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Annual Convention, where it prominently displayed the Louis Allis name and logo, and it falsely claimed in press releases and through social media that it had acquired the Louis Allis large motor business. Louis Allis promptly responded by filing a lawsuit against Ideal for trademark infringement on September 6, 2023 in federal court in Delaware. 

About Louis Allis

Louis Allis, a WorldWide Electric Company, manufactures a wide variety of AC and DC electric motors and generators for large and specialty applications in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility located in Warrior, Alabama.  In addition to manufacturing new motors, our dedicated team of highly skilled motor experts with decades of motor experience, can inspect, evaluate, repair, or overhaul motors from any manufacturer.