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Louis Allis Marine Motors Gain ABS Type Approval Certification

Oct 31, 2022

ABS Approval

The Louis Allis IEEE 45 Marine Duty Motors (1-450 HP) offered by WorldWide Electric have gained ABS Type Approval. The ABS Type Approval allows our customers to place these motors in marine environments on ships and offshore platforms for non-essential services on ABS-class vessels.
The Louis Allis IEEE 45 Marine Duty Motors have the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Product Design Assessment (PDA) for motors 1-450 hp in T Frame and TC Frame configurations. The PDA ensures the motors are suitable for on-deck or below-deck applications for marine or offshore installations. A Manufacturer’s Assessment (MA) confirms the PDA for quality and workmanship that usually accompanies the Louis Allis motor product line.
The non-essential service classification on these motors allows them to be installed in applications that are not listed for essential service and do not prevent proper steering of the vessel or prevent the vessel’s safety systems from operating successfully. The ambient conditions considered for the design of these motors is 45 °C per ABS requirements.