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Intelligent and Adaptive Soft Starters: The WorldStart IQ

Apr 25, 2018

Our need to adapt to change is no different than the end-users who are out in the field every day.

When we improve a product, it helps our customer base perform more efficiently, saving them time and money, and creating measurable results for their business.

So when we talked to our customers, we heard how there was a need for innovation in the soft starters they were using, and how productivity could improve by creating efficiencies in their processes.

The models they had to work with were bulky, consumed too much energy, and difficult to customize. They weren’t intuitive and lacked truly comprehensive motor protections.

We agreed and got to work.

This article provides an overview of the WorldStart IQ soft starters that are helping OEMs and end-users reduce their energy consumption, reduce the time it takes to customize for their specific application and enjoy greater control and protection over their motor control systems.

Introducing the WorldStart IQ – Intelligent Soft Starters

The WorldStart IQ (WSIQ) series is a dynamic line of soft starters that have the intelligence to easily adapt to your application.

The more than a dozen models come with a full graphical display that supports 9 languages (3 more in the near-future), and offers real language feedback messages, as well as real-time graphs of motor operating performance while logging 384 unique events.

The WSIQ line is internally bypassed, providing maximum energy efficiency and power savings in fixed speed applications.

Overload protection is an important consideration for all applications and the WSIQ soft starter provides protection levels that are often only available from dedicated and expensive high-end motor protection relays.

The WSIQ’s second order thermal model allows motors to be used to their full potential without fear of damage from overloading.

Additionally, these soft starters are among the smallest and lightest soft starters in their class, allowing the user to save money on installation costs by minimizing panel space requirements.


Models 0023B to 0135B13.2”H x 6.0”W x 9.1”D
Models 0184B to 250B19.5”H x 8.5”W x 9.6”D
Models 0352B to 580B20.6”H x 8.5”W x 9.6”D

Above all, the enhanced user experience of the WSIQ line separates it from older and less dynamic soft starter options.

Intelligent Soft Starters Create Enhanced Productivity

The strength of the WorldStart IQ line goes far beyond its ability to control and protect electric motors in the field – it offers exceptional usability and functionality for the end-users required to operate the controls.

In addition to the graphical interface, tools such as the remote keypad allow users to control their motor at a distance and check metrics like the power meter, current measurement, hours run, and an operational readout status. (Note: the remote keypad can be removed while the soft starter is operational.)

An integrated USB port allows for seamless commissioning and data extraction without the need for a PC or network. This lets operators quickly and easily perform tasks such as:

Download or upload parameters
Download starter logs and data
Check diagnostic logging
Upgrade upgrade
Upload new or more languages

The Smart Card is the brain behind the soft starter.

It is easily inserted into a WSIQ soft starter, simplifying system design, installation and setup, while delivering application- or industry-specific functionality.

It redefines the role of a soft starter, making it able to perform as an entire system controller.

By enhancing your soft starter with an industry-specific Smart Card, your system will be purpose-built around one single point of intelligent control and communications.

Utilizing this technology puts you in control and maximizes the efficiency of your system.

For instance, in a water pumping application like a bore pump, the Smart Card will integrate standard soft starter protections, as well as protections specific to the application, such as high or low pressure levels, or a low bore water level.

The Smart Card is able to read these integrations and control the motor accordingly. The Smart Card will recognize water flow and pressure levels, and automatically stop the operation based on the readings.

Additional features of the Smart Card (e.g. calendar-based control) allows for savings on operational costs/energy costs by controlling exactly when the systems run.

The Smart Card tremendously improves functionality and usability while removing complexity and cost from the entire electric motor system.

Intelligent and Adaptive Soft Starters

The WorldStart IQ line of soft starters features the intelligent motor control technique, Adaptive Control.

During starting and stopping processes, Adaptive Control allows the soft starter to compare the motor’s estimated speed with the selected profile, automatically adapting to varying loads.

Adaptive Control Profiles

Acceleration ProfilesDeceleration Profiles
Constant AccelerationConstant Deceleration
Early AccelerationEarly Deceleration
Late AccelerationLate Deceleration

In Adaptive Control soft starts and stops, the soft starter adjusts the current in order to start or stop the motor within a specified time and using a selected acceleration/deceleration profile.

For example, early acceleration can be used on submersible pumps where you need to be above minimum speed quickly.

Constant acceleration is used when the application requires linear response without the need for tachometer feedback.

Late acceleration might be used on conveyors to generate a gentle start without belt flap, or on mill screens to prevent chain coupling, or on fans to prevent belt couplings.

As time progresses, the algorithm refines its model with data from every subsequent start and stop and adjusts its performance accordingly.

Building the Future of Motor Control Systems

The WorldStart IQ soft starter creates opportunities for enhanced productivity within your operation.

The WSIQ doesn’t just start and stop your motors with precision and efficiency, it also minimizes energy costs and improve operational effectiveness by delivering useful data to operators and automation systems.