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Worldwide Electric Welcomes Michael Hewson, Director of Marketing

Nov 16, 2022

WorldWide Electric is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Hewson. Michael joined the team as Director of Marketing in October 2022 and has over 20 years of experience supporting global organizations and networks with a strong focus on branding, creative, product marketing, and content creation. 

Born and raised in the UK, Michael studied Industrial Design at his hometown University in Teesside. As a freelance designer, he provided the first concept designs for a Personal Rapid Transit Systems research project at Bristol University early in his career. The project would later be implemented commercially as the Pods system at London Heathrow airport.

Michael 1

Michael was a member of the Strategic Business Unit of Whessoe Varec, an Endress+Hauser Company. As part of a global re-organization, Michael moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in January 2000 and was instrumental in building the MarComms capabilities for a group of companies held under the Endress+Hasuer Brand. Over 16 years, Michael gained experience reviving a historic brand leader in low-tech level gauges while marketing high-tech radar and servo instrumentation and SCADA systems in the oil and gas industry. He was also involved with new product development and go-to-market activities for fuel automation products in the aviation industry. Michael earned his Master of Science in Marketing at Georgia University in 2012.

Before joining WorldWide Electric, Michael spent six years leading the marketing activities for a non-profit membership organization focused on energy management and energy efficiency in the built environment. During that time, Michael redefined the organization’s brand, web and digital marketing, and social media strategies to highlight the work members and certified professionals do that positively and directly impact climate change.

Charged with accelerating WorldWide Electric’s digital marketing activities, Michael is responsible for brand management and marketing communications. “I aim to leverage digital technologies and platforms to offer customers an omnichannel experience. We want customers to realize the value of each interaction and how our efforts save them frustration, time, and money.” 

Michael joined WorldWide Electric as AEA Investors’ Small Business Private Equity (or AEA SBPE) acquired WorldWide from Graycliff Partners LP. “Customer service and the supply of quality products are critical in this marketplace. When one of the more prominent manufacturers cannot meet the customers’ needs, we often can. AEA recognizes the potential for growth and improvement and is willing to invest in what makes WorldWide unique. In my short time here, I have seen an incredible group of professionals working with agility; their commitment to customer service and the supply chain logistics are second to none.”