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Hubbell Alternator Relays

The Class 47 Hubbell alternator relay provides a means of automatically alternating the operation of two separately mounted motor-driven pumps or compressors. This alternating action assures even readiness and wear on both pumps.

The Class 47 alternator is of industrial design specifically for use in pump and compressor applications. It is easily field installed and wired in control panels, pump panels or as a separately enclosed unit for surface mounting.

The alternator has single pole double throw heavy duty 10 ampere silver cadmium oxide contacts enclosed in a transparent dust cover. The snap action contacts transfer when the unit is de-energized. The circuit is never closed or opened while the current is being conducted. This provides increased control life. The alternator is wired to operate the second motor starter the next time a pump operation is required.


  • No Load Transfer
  • Industrial Design
  • Front Wired
  • NEMA Rating A600
  • SPDT 10 Amp Contacts
  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified



Model Number Volts @ 60 Hz Enclosure Type
24NEMA 1
480NEMA 1
240NEMA 1
120NEMA 1
208NEMA 1
24Open Type
480Open Type
240Open Type
120Open Type
208Open Type