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ODP Motor Product Launch by Global Manufacturer, WorldWide Electric Corp

Jun 15, 2017

ODP Motors (Open Drip Proof)

ODP Motor / open drip proof motor
ODP Motor / open drip proof motor

Rochester, NY – Global manufacturer WorldWide Electric (WWE) Corporation launched a new line of ODP motors (open drip proof) in response to high customer demand.

ODP motors are premium efficient and offer reliable protection for clean and weather-safe environments. Available in ½-50 HP, these motors are ideal for industries including HVAC, refrigeration, compressors, and general purposes.

WWE Corp is excited about the ODP launch because it will offer customers increased options and opportunities for the market segments that can use ODP motors.

Our new ODP motors use an exclusive double vacuum pressure impregnation process for the insulation system that will lead to longer insulation life. The motor also features inverter duty spike resistant wiring to prevent spike currents ranging from 1600, to 2000, to even 2200 volts.

Another benefit of this new ODP motor is the ability to easily add shaft grounding brushes, which help divert stray shaft currents. The motors are pre-drilled and tapped to accept an Inpro Current Diverter Ring, no machining required.

About WorldWide Electric

WorldWide Electric Corp is headquartered in Rochester, NY. Founded in 1998, the corporation manufactures and stocks over $25 million worth of electric motor, motor control, and gear reducer products in five nationally located warehouses: Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles. The company is also exclusive master distributor and representative for Hyundai Electric’s electric motors for North America. Their products serve industries such as agriculture, aggregate, equipment packaging, hydraulic and pneumatic, material handling, oil and gas, and irrigation. WorldWide Electric Corp can be reached at 800-808-2131.