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Cross Compatibility Replacements for Speed-Gear Reducers

Jul 12, 2023

Compatible Gear Reducers

WorldWide Electric has a full line of speed reducers to keep your operation running smoothly – featuring industrial-grade designs and drop-in compatibility with major brands, such as Dodge TXT, Hub City PT, Browning SMTP, or Cleveland Gear CGUSM. Our in-stock speed reducers are ready to meet the demands of almost any application – from pumping to lifting, crushing, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, or distribution.

Replace Your Gear Reducer

Our durable and economical worm gear reducershelical reducers, helical bevel reducers, and shaft mount reducers offer universal compatibility with other major brands – that means you can use a WorldWide Electric gear reducer and replace an existing gear reducer and ensure the same reliable performance. 

Alternative Shaft Mount Reducers

Our shaft mount reducers are dimensionally equivalent to TXT shaft mount reducers and fully compatible with all TXT accessories – making them an ideal replacement. The Original is also available as a Hydraulically-powered unit, a replacement for existing HXT units.

List of Gear Reducer Brands

We can replace many existing gear reducers; here is an example list:

  • Dodge
  • Hub City
  • Browning
  • Cleveland Gear
  • Grove Gear
  • Falk
  • Boston
  • Winsmith
  • Sterling Electric
  • SEW Eurodive (R, K and F series-Snuggler) 
  • Vortex
  • Nord Drive Systems (Clincher)
  • LMI
  • North American Electric

Shaft Mount Reducers Cross Compatability

9:1 Ratios
SCSMR2-9/1 replaces TXT209AT, PT2115S09, 115SMTP09, CGUSM2-09
SCSMR3-9/1 replaces TXT309AT, PT3203S09, 203SMTP09, CGUSM3-09
SCSMR4-9/1 replaces TXT409AT, PT4207S09, 207SMTP09, CGUSM4-09
SCSMR5-9/1 replaces TXT509AT, PT5215S09, 215SMTP09, CGUSM5-09
SCSMR6-9/1 replaces TXT609AT, PT6307S09, 307SMTP09, CGUSM6-09

15:1 Ratios
SMR2-15/1 and SCSMR2-15/1 replaces TXT215AT, PT2115S15, 115SMTP15, CGUSM2-15
SMR3-15/1 and SCSMR3-15/1 replaces TXT315AT, PT3203S15, 203SMTP15, CGUSM3-15
SMR4-15/1 and SCSMR4-15/1 replaces TXT415AT, PT4207S15, 207SMTP15, CGUSM4-15
SMR5-15/1 and SCSMR5-15/1 replaces TXT515AT, PT5215S15, 215SMTP15, CGUSM5-15
SMR6-15/1 and SCSMR6-15/1 replaces TXT615AT, PT6307S15, 307SMTP15, CGUSM6-15
SMR7-15/1 and SCSMR7-15/1 replaces TXT715AT, PT7315S15, 315SMTP15, CGSM7- 15
SMR8-15/1 and SCSMR8-15/1 replaces TXT815AT, PT8407S15, 407SMTP15, CGSM8-15
SMR9-15/1 and SCSMR9-15/1 replaces TXT915AT, PT9415S15, 415SMTP15, CGSM9-15
SMR10-15/1 and SCSMR10-15/1 replaces TXT1015AT, PT10507S15, 507SMT15, CGSM10-15
SMR12-15/1 replaces TXT1215TV, 608SMTP15

25:1 Ratios
SMR2-25/1 and SCSMR2-25/1 replaces TXT225AT, PT2115S25, 115SMTP25 CGUSM2-25
SMR3-25/1 and SCSMR3-25/1 replaces TXT325AT, PT3203S25, 203SMTP25, CGUSM3-25
SMR4-25/1 and SCSMR4-25/1 replaces TXT425AT, PT4207S25, 207SMTP25, CGUSM4-25
SMR5-25/1 and SCSMR5-25/1 replaces TXT525AT, PT5215S25, 215SMTP25, CGUSM5-25
SMR6-25/1 and SCSMR6-25/1 replaces TXT625AT, PT6307S25, 307SMTP25, CGUSM6-25
SMR7-25/1 and SCSMR7-25/1 replaces TXT725AT, PT7315S25, 315SMTP25, CGSM7-25
SMR8-25/1 and SCSMR8-25/1 replaces TXT825AT, PT8407S25, 407SMTP25, CGSM8-25
SMR9-25/1 and SCSMR9-25/1 replaces TXT925AT, PT9415S25, 415SMTP25, CGSM9-25
SMR10-25/1 and SCSMR10-25/1 replaces TXT1025AT, PT10507S25, 507SMT25, CGSM10-25
SMR12-25/1 replaces TXT1225TV

Replacement Helical Inline Gear Reducers 

Our Helical Inline Gear Reducers offer a simple retrofit option – their dimensions (1 – 4) are designed to match the popular “R” Series European brands while offering universal compatibility with NEMA C-face motors.

WorldWide Electric Gear Reducers 

CALM Worm Gear Reducers

Worm Gear Reducers

KHN Helical and Helical Bevel Gear Reducers

Helical and Helical Bevel Gear Reducers

  • Universal compatibility with NEMA C-face motors
  • Power Locks Available
  • Broad range of power and output torque
  • KHN/KAN Series 
    • Helical Bevel Gear Reducers
    • Torque arm, flange-mounting or foot-mounted design
  • FHN series
    • Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Reducers
  • WINL Series
    • Helical Inline Gear Reducers
SMR Shaft Mounted Reducers

Shaft Mounted Reducers

WorldWide Electric also offers a full line of gear reducer accessories, including backstop assemblies, belt guards, motor mounts, screw conveyor flanges, screw conveyor drive shafts, and tapered bushing kits.

Our Gear Reducers can be a solution for any application. Not sure which one you need? Contact your local distributor or call Worldwide today – One of our experts find the best speed reducer solution for your specific application!